Worm Watch

Art of the Seal, NY Times

"Some things seem doomed to divide us: Lennon versus McCartney, Yankees versus Mets, boxers versus briefs and so on. If you love one, you'll probably loathe the other, and each camp makes an equally convincing case as to why its choice is right. For design nuts, one of those alpha-versus-beta divisions is choosing between the two logos of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also known as NASA. One is the symbol that NASA adopted in 1959 and still uses today. It's the NASA Insignia, commonly known as ''the meatball'' for the obvious reason that it looks like one. The other is the logo that replaced it from 1975 to 1992. It, too, has an official name, the NASA Logotype, and a similarly self-explanatory nickname, ''the worm.''

Meatballs Devour Worms!!, NY Times (1999)

Worm Watch, NASA Watch

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