Yummy Crustaceans in Space

Miller's Select Crabmeat -- It's Out of This World

"Miller's Select Crab will soon be heading for the International Space Station. Each astronaut is allowed a "bonus food allotment" to bring some of the comforts of home to outer space. For one of the astronauts, the choice includes several cans of Miller's Select Jumbo Lump Crab Meat."

When It Comes to Living in Space, It's a Matter of Taste, Scientific American

"Astronaut Scott Parazynski--a physician and veteran of five shuttle missions who has studied human fluid shifts during spaceflight, subscribes to the nasal congestion theory. "It's the same as having a cold or allergies," he says, "a stuffy nose definitely dampens your sense of smell and consequently your sense of taste." As for his own experience, Parazynski, who admits he is not a fan of shrimp cocktail on Earth, says he couldn't get enough of it on orbit. He's not alone--this is a favorite among astronauts, particularly because of the spicy, horseradish-based sauce that coats the shrimp."

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