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Where Things Stand with Constellation, NASA Blog Contributed by Jeff Hanley, Constellation Program Manager

"First, some facts: NASAs commitment has been and continues to be to achieve the first human launch of Orion by March 2015. We see that as eminently achievable, but its not a guarantee there is no such thing in any large scale development program and especially for one where the available funding is never known more than one year in advance."

"NASAs Constellation Program is rejuvenating an agency and an industry."

Editor's note: Constellation may be many things, but can anybody really claim it is "rejuvenating" NASA and the aerospace industry? Is this more hype from Jeff-as should be expected-rather than an honest appraisal of the program's status? And as such, is any of this stuff credible?
BTW, while Keith is away on his adventure of a lifetime, I'll be posting occasional comments.
Ad Astra-per aspera!
-Frank Sietzen, Jr.

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