Griffin to be at University of Alabama in Huntsville?

Mike Griffin
Former NASA chief Mike Griffin being considered for UAH posting, The Huntsville Times

"Griffin, who was NASA administrator from April 2005-January 2009, is being considered for employment as an "eminent scholar and tenured professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at" UAH. "

"Griffin is the only item on the committee's 10 a.m. "

Editor's note: I wonder what the folks at Marshall think about this?

Editor's Update: It's official, Griffin will join the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

NASA Administrator Dr. Mike Griffin will join the University of Alabama in Huntsville as an eminent scholar, The Huntsville Times

Editor's Update: I just got heard from Keith in Katmandu and he had this comment on Mike's new job; "Keith Cowing suggests that this will give him a front row seat as the Ares program is redesigned."

Editor's Update: Here's the press release about Griffin's appointment.

NASA's Michael Griffin appointed eminent scholar, professor at University of Alabama at Huntsville, University of Alabama-Huntsville

Editor's Update: Looks like Mike's salary will be a nice $350K

Frank's note: is it just me that wishes Mike Griffin would go the way of Sean O'Keefe and Dan Goldin and just go quietly into retirement? I have to confess I'm just sick of the guy and the mess he has made of the VSE.

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