ITAR - Red Tape in the Final Frontier

Entrepreneurial Space and Export Control: Red Tape in the Final Frontier, AIAA

"A half-day event exploring the impact of Americas export control regime on the job growth, competitiveness, and capabilities of domestic entrepreneurial space entities."

"Opening Keynote Spearker: The Honorable C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Chair, U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Subcommittee on Technology and Tactical Intelligence."

Download meeting flyer with RSVP information( PDF)

Editor's Update: It would seem there is some positive movement on the ITAR issue.

Freedom to fly - A small company wins an important legal challenge to Americas space-technology export-control regime The Economist

"In December 2007 one of those mammals, a company called Bigelow Aerospace, filed the first legal challenge to Americas rules for exporting space technology. It disputed the governments claim that foreign passengers travelling on a spaceship or space station were involved in a transfer of technology. The outcome suggests that there may be a chink in the armour of the export-controls regime."

Reaction from Mike Gold, Director, Washington Office, Bigelow Aerospace

"Entrepreneurial firms arent just going to create new technologies, but they will also transform the legal and regulatory world around them. We require a paradigm shift both technologically and from a policy perspective. At Bigelow Aerospace, were not just about creating better technology, but creating a better future. When humanity goes to the stars we should leave our petty bigotries, biases and disputes aside, and move forward in peace for all of humanity. This ruling brings us one small step closer to achieving that dream."

Editor's Update: More reaction from the community.

Breaking news on US export control, Natasha Loder (Economist Writer)

"George Nield, associate administrator for commercial space transportation within the Federal Aviation Authority "We have not yet seen the commodity jurisdiction ruling, nor was the FAA involved in the review, so I really can't be very specific about what it says or what it will mean for Bigelow Aerospace.

However, to the extent that the U.S. government may now be willing to revise some of its export control restrictions to enable U.S. firms to be more competitive in their efforts to sell aerospace products and services globally, that would be very good news indeed"

Editor's Update: Interview with Mike Gold, Bigelow Aerospace, Economist (Audio)

"Tim Hughes, chief counsel of SpaceX"

"In quick response to your questions: At this point, it's really not clear whether this represents a significant shift in policy that foretells a shift on other parts of ITAR. However, the Bigelow CJ request approval is exciting because it appears to represent a common-sense approach to ITAR whereby hardware and design details remain ITAR-protected, but general engagement by would-be international participants will not be subject to burdensome ITAR-related filings, agreements, and monitoring plans."

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