NASA Response to Swine Flu

Editor's note: The World Health Organization has increased its alert level to 5 which suggests that the Swine Flu outbreak is very serious. At this point it sees no reason to raise it to the next level which is a pandemic. On April 27 NASA wisely released a NASA Occupational Health - Health Alert. Today NASA Ames director released a statement on the Ames Pandemic Plan in part based on Governor Schwarzenegger declaring a state of emergency for California.

This weekend however it appears that JPL still plans on holding its open house which traditionally attracts a large audience including bus loads of tourists from Mexico. Although most cases of the Swine Flu have been mild is it still wise to go ahead with this popular event?

Editor's Update: From the Huntsville Times: Marshall Space Flight Center closes child center; employees allowed liberal leave Thursday and Friday

"Marshall Space Flight Center will close its child care center over the next two days, and employees are encouraged to take liberal leave today and Friday because of area school closings due to concerns over swine flu."

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