Resolution is Agreed on But it's Only a Resolution

Resolution would end shuttle deadline, Florida Today

"Supporters say the resolution -- which is expected to be up for a final vote this week -- could help avert the type of schedule pressure that led to the 1986 Challenger and 2003 Columbia accidents."

NASA Shuttle Retirement Postponed ... Maybe
, Washington Post

"There is wide concern that a hard end date could jeopardize the safety of the eight remaining Shuttle missions and the thousands of government and private-sector jobs tied to NASA. Without FY 2011 funding, NASA would be unable to continue any missions that did not launch in time."

On NASA Watch yesterday:

Congresswoman Kosmas Wins Key Battle to Eliminate Hard Deadline for Shuttle Retirement

"Today, Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas (FL-24) announced that the House and Senate conference agreement on the budget resolution (S.Con.Res 13) reflects her request to include a provision that removes the hard deadline for Shuttle retirement. The final budget resolution provides an additional $2.5 billion in fiscal year 2011 for the Shuttle program, giving NASA the flexibility it needs to fly the current manifest beyond 2010."

Editor's Update: One hurdle cleared for those seeking to prolong the life of the shuttle. The Senate vote is next week.

The House lawmakers in Washington vote to extend NASA space shuttle program, The Huntsville Time

"The budget resolution passed the U.S. House of Representatives today, it included money to extend the shuttle, and is expected to be taken up by the U.S. Senate this week."

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