Save Historic Mercury Mission Control Center

Save Mercury Mission Control

Senator John Glenn reflects on anniversary of Project Mercury, Zanesville TimeRecorder

"NASA was officially created on Oct. 1, 1958, but this month marks the 50th anniversary of how the space program started with Project Mercury. NASA selected the Mercury Seven on April 1, 1959, and they were introduced to the world on April 9, 1959."

Slowly Crumbling, NASA Landmarks May Face the Bulldozer, New York Times

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, National Historic Landmarks Program

Editor's note: It's come to my attention that the historic Mercury Mission Control Center is now scheduled to be demolished in early May. Shouldn't this historic landmark be restored and kept as a museum to inspire our youth?

Frank's Note: I'm sorry to offend but I agree with those readers who suggest it's time to let this artifact go to the dumpsters. Much of the important artifacts of the early Space Age have in fact been preserved. We spacers, for a relatively young history, spend too much time, IMHO, living in the past. Look at the time, money and energy spent on commemorations of the Apollo 11 landing. And what do we wind up doing every five years or so? Photo ops and grand speechifying. Heaven forbid that much needed funds be pumped into these faltering programs-that would be putting the $$ where the mouths of politicians are.
What makes people think that young people today will be "inspired" to dedicate their lives to space exploration and research by this hulking junk yard? You want to inspire them/ Give them a place in the space agency not fouled by bureaucratic mentality and meetings after meetings. Why is SpaceX so popular? Because instead of speeches about how important history is, they are making some new history of their own. What's past is past. Let's move on into the future!

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