Testimony from Keeping the Space Environment Safe for Civil and Commercial Users Hearing

Today the House Science and Technology Committee held it's first ever hearing on Keeping the Space Environment Safe for Civil and Commercial Users.

Below are links to the witness testimony and additional material.

Witness Testimony

- Lt. Gen. Larry D. James
- Mr. Nicholas Johnson (** Briefing Charts)
- Mr. Richard DalBello
- Mr. Scott Pace

Press Releases

Committee Examines Ways to Make the Space Environment Safer for Civil and Commercial Users, House Science and Technology Committee

Space-Faring Nations Must Better Monitor and Mitigate Space Debris, Witnesses Say, House Science Committee Republicans

Investment Needed to Combat Debris Threats to U.S. Space Assets, Aerospace Industries Association

"Space debris is a current and growing threat to U.S. exploration activities, and leaders must make situational awareness a top national priority, AIA President and CEO Marion Blakey said in congressional testimony Tuesday."

Editor's Update: Pentagon may reach satellite analysis goal early, Reuters

"The U.S. military may reach its goal of doing collision analysis on 800 maneuverable satellites before October, and is examining the possibility of tracking 500 more satellites that cannot be maneuvered, a top Air Force general said on Tuesday."

Opening Statement, The Honorable Pete Olson, Ranking Republican Member

"To the unknowing, the term space traffic management may sound a bit geeky and esoteric, but as I was preparing for this afternoons hearing, I was quickly convinced that this term has real meaning and describes a discipline we all need to pay close attention to. I am aware that government-owned and operated satellites rely on intensive monitoring programs to avoid collisions with other satellites and debris, but as more and more satellites come into use, especially from commercial users, the challenge of maintaining safe separation will grow."

Related Links:

- NASA Orbital Debris Program Office
- Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee

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