Augustine Commission Membership Continues To Emerge

Chiao another likely member of Augustine commission, Orlando Sentinel

"Add another name to the Augustine commission: ex-NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao. Sources said the former space station crew member likely would be named to the blue ribbon panel headed by retired Lockheed Martin CEO Norm Augustine that will help chart the future of NASA's human spaceflight program. Reached by phone, Chiao said that he had been contacted by administration officials assembling the committee and that they expressed interested. "I don't think I've done anything since I left NASA to [disqualify] me," he joked."

Frank's note: Chiao is a superb public speaker who knows how to communicate the excitement and enthusiasm he has for space exploration. It is good that we know at least one person is on that panel that can explain all of this to indifferent Americans.

Keith's note: Having worked on several projects with Leroy, I can heartily affirm Frank's assessment.

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