Augustine Panel Members Identified

Here's the names of most of the Augustine Commission, Orlando Sentinel

"In the interests of hastening the process -- some folks are saying that the announcement could come as early as this afternoon -- here's the names of eight members we've been able to nail down:.."

Editor's note: The list includes: Christopher Chyba, Sally Ride, Lester Lyles, Edward Crawley, Bohdan "Bo" Bejmuk, Jeff Greason, Wanda Austin.

If the list is accurate there is at least one former astronaut among the panel in Sally Ride and surprisingly Jeff Greason of XCOR.

Frank's note: Why no Apollo moonwalkers? Why not somebody like Gene Krantz, Chris Kraft, Glen Lunney, Bill Readdy, etc? Also, NASA's in great need of a makeover of its communications operations. Will this commission hear any ideas in that direction?-How to sustain public outreach and engagement for whatever path they recommend? I'd be happy to volunteer to make the case for an overhaul...

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