Bolden Watch

Editor's note: Unless something dramatically changes Charles Bolden should be the nominee President Obama puts forth very soon.

At least one issue came up during his vetting process which was later cleared and that is his lobbying efforts. You can read more about Bolden's lobbying career here.

Then there was the meeting with President Obama. By all accounts, the meeting was a pleasant one with Bolden only expressing concern when President Obama discussed the possible need for future cuts to the human spaceflight program. It would seem Bolden is not be in favor of cuts to the spaceflight program.

While Senator Nelson has been pushing all along to get Bolden the nomination it appears the only major Senate hurdle at this time is that of Senator Mikulski who appears to have some reservations about Bolden.

The Bolden Watch continues.

Editor's Update: The announcement could come as early as tomorrow morning after the shuttle lands. As well Lori Garver, a former Associate Administrator of the Office of Policy and Plans at NASA between 1998 to 2001 and who headed Obama's Presidential Transition Agency Review for NASA, is expected to be named Deputy Administrator.

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