Charles Bolden - Public Sentiment is Positive

Editor's note: Since we started running our poll this morning an overwhelming majority of respondents, 82%, view Charles Bolden positively as NASA's next administrator. As well a majority of the comments have been favorable. You can vote in our poll until Sunday and we'll have the final results on Monday.

Miles O'Brien has also penned his thoughts on Bolden's potential nomination. He, like others also brings up the point that Bolden has lobbied for ATK who are working on Ares I.

It will be interesting to see how the Senate confirmation hearing goes when questions come up about the lobbying when at the same the Augustine panel is reviewing NASA's human space flight plans.

With respect to the panel, a week after announcing its formation all seems to be quiet with not a leak of information as to who will be on the panel and when they'll get started. With only 3 months to complete a review, the clock is ticking.

NASAs next administrator ready to launch: Charles Bolden, Miles O'Brien

"So why did this take so long? Two issues: there is some concern that a former astronaut should not occupy the corner office on the 9th floor at NASA HQ - that they would focus too much on the white scarf squad - and not enough on NASAs chronically needy, yet scientifically significant robotic missions. And there is also the lobbying: Bolden has lobbied for the rocket builder ATK."

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