Charles Bolden to Meet with President Obama

Keith's note: While everyone waves their arms around and parses short press conference responses in and out of context, senior sources report that this is very, very close to being a done deal. People do not meet with President Obama about a job unless their appointment to the position that they are being considered for is all but certain.

All indications point to Charles Bolden as being NASA's next Administrator. Get used to that idea, folks. It is abundantly clear to me based both on sources and logic as I sit here in a cold little tent in Nepal. We'll all know in a very short period of time.

Editor's note: As expected Charles Bolden will meet with President Obama on Monday at which time the President will most likely ask Bolden to be the administrations nominee for NASA administrator.

He would still need to be confirmed by the Senate and as Frank Sietzen has pointed out in a previous post there is some opposition to Bolden. However Bolden is well liked, has the necessary experience, is a leader and should emerge from Senate hearings relatively unscathed. What is not known is what direction the White House would have him steer NASA towards. And what type of mark he could make himself on the agency. What we do know so far is that the White House has ordered a review of NASA's human space flight plans and is placing a greater emphasis on science programs.

Our own reader poll, 404 votes so far, indicates Bolden has a 76% favorable rating as the potential next administrator. Considering the audience that NASA Watch has, the broad support Bolden is getting bodes well for him.

Ex-Astronaut Is Top Candidate to Run NASA, New York Times

"Mr. Gibbs then confirmed that General Bolden was the person Mr. Obama would be interviewing. He will meet with him on Monday, and well see how that goes, Mr. Gibbs said."

Bolden Likely to Be Named NASA Head; Plans to Meet With Obama, Wall Street Journal

"Barring some last-minute hitch, these officials said, the nomination could be announced as early as next week. Mr. Obama is scheduled to meet Mr. Bolden on Monday, an Obama administration official said Friday. While the decision is expected, according to this official, it "isn't a done deal yet." A person familiar with the situation said an announcement would follow sometime after the president's meeting."

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