First Briefing on Human Space Flight Review

Editor's note: NASA held the first briefing with Norman Augustine, Chairman of the Human Space Flight Review. Below is the audio teleconference MP3 for you to download.

The independent committee will be 10 members from astronauts, engineers who have operational experience, industry, and academic backgrounds etc. From NASA, Mike Hawes will be the technical director and Philip McAlister will be the executive director.

They will be examining the existing architecture primarily, with an open mind, a "fresh look", and have been asked to provide options and Augustine sees them providing no more than two options. There is one boundary condition to be considered as Augustine puts it;

"We are where we are we, we have programs underway, there are systems of existing and being built, and so that's sort of the starting condition, which doesn't mean you have to abide by them in the future, but you can't ignore as starting position obviously."

The review will be public except when dealing with certain issues as classified matters, personnel issues and competitive sensitive matters. The public will be allowed to comment at some meetings and through a variety of others ways including a web site. This would include anonymous feedback so that people could talk without worries of reprisals.

NASA Teleconference for the Human Space Flight Review with Norman Augustine (MP3 - 32MB)

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