Griffin - No Human Space Flight Review Needed

BAHEP Roundtable on Human Space Exploration, Guidry News

"The Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership hosted United States Senator John Cornyns Roundtable Discussion on the Status of Human Space Exploration on Saturday at the Silver Moon Caf at Space Center Houston. Listen: RealPlayer MP3"

"Griffin said that NASA does not need the type of review that the Obama administration is proposing, but if it is to occur, he hopes that it convinces the administration to support the manned space program."

"A review that once again asks the question, 'Are the goal posts in the right place? Should we go to the Moon? Should we go to Mars? Should we visit the near-Earth asteroids?' - scrambling that mix again, I think, will not be productive," Griffin said. "The goals have to remain in place for longer than a presidential administration or a session of Congress if you are to get anything out of the space program."

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