Less Pizza, More NASA

Griffin: NASA works for 'chump change', The Huntsville Times

"Griffin, who started as a professor with the University of Alabama in Huntsville this week, said polls show most think NASA receives about 24 percent of the $3 trillion federal budget, but the reality is the space agency gets less than 1 percent out of federal coffers. Its budget is roughly $18 billion a year."

"What we do is huge, and we do it for chump change - less than the annual market for pizza," which is $27 billion a year, Griffin said."

Editor's note: The speech was really about moving forward with Constellation as is. And while the pizza analogy is funny, the fact is that NASA is trying to do too much with too little. As for Constellation, well that's about to go under review and we'll see how things stand in three months from now. But you can bet there will be non-stop lobbying between now and when the Augustine Human Space Flight Review report is released.

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