More Reaction on Bolden and Garver Nominations

Keith's note: I think it is a perfect mix. Let's hope the confirmation goes fast so they can get to work.

Editor's note: Here's some more reaction on Charles Bolden and Lori Garver's nominations.

Mike Griffin says Charles Bolden is superb choice for NASA administrator, The Huntsville Times

"Money and vision will be the toughest challenges the duo of Charles Bolden and Lori Garver face if confirmed to take the helm of NASA, said Dr. Mike Griffin who left the top space agency job in January."

Space Foundation Applauds NASA Leadership Nominations, Space Foundation

"By announcing nominations for both Administrator and Deputy Administrator, the White House has demonstrated that it appreciates the importance of both of these key positions to the future of America's space agency," said Space Foundation Chief Executive Officer Elliot Pulham. "Charlie Bolden is an American hero who brings deep NASA knowledge and experience, and unsurpassed leadership skills to the key position of NASA Administrator. Lori Garver is an experienced space policy professional with significant previous NASA experience, strong knowledge of the space industry, and the political and communication skills that are crucial to communicating with the administration, Congress and the public."

IFPTE Applauds Selection of New NASA Leadership Team, IFPTE

"IFPTE once again would like to take this opportunity to thank President Obama for delivering on his campaign promise by providing a $2 billion dollar infusion of additional funds into NASA, despite the current fiscal pressures. We now look forward to working with General Bolden, a man of extreme courage, integrity, and accomplishment, as he works to implement President Obama's vision of a renewed and rebalanced NASA. We are equally pleased with the selection of Lori Garver, who IFPTE believes is not only an outstanding choice for the Deputy's position, but also a person who we expect will play a key role in the future direction of NASA."

Coalition Supports Obama's Nomination of Bolden and Garver to Head NASA, Coalition for Space Exploration

"America's space program is at a critical crossroad. NASA needs a clearly defined plan and unwavering support from the president and Congress to achieve our nation's space exploration objectives. We look forward to working with the new NASA administrator and his leadership team as we address the rapidly approaching human spaceflight gap following retirement of the Space Shuttle, the next generation Constellation program and full utilization of the International Space Station."

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