NASA Workforce Issues - Continued

Shaping the NASA workforce for 2020, Open NASA

"I thought it would be particularly timely, considering Nick Skytlands recent posting of an internal NASA email about recent NASA Strategic Management Council decision to target-hire younger workers, and, the recent posts on NASAWatch about the state of the Federal workforce. Many of the comments that followed on that website requested some data data about NASA and the contractor workforce. To that end there are two attachments to read in support of this posting. "

Editor's note: Richard Leshner at NASA headquarters is continuing the discussion about NASA workforce issues with a new post at Open NASA where he answers some basic questions. Below is some useful reference material for you including the PDF files Richard references.

- NASA Workforce Issues - The Crisis is Here, NASA Watch

- Rebalancing NASAs Workforce, Open NASA

- The State of the Next Generation of Explorers (PDF) NASA

- The Next Gen Space Workforce - NASA Strategic Management Council (PDF), NASA

- Launching the 21st Century American Aerospace Workforce, NASA Watch

- Building a Better NASA Workforce: Meeting the Workforce Needs for the National Vision for Space Exploration, NASA

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