One Of Your Own Will Soon Stand On The Top of Our World

As you can see from this SPOT update, Scott is now on his way to Camp IV (South Col) at an elevation of 7,920 meters (26,000 ft). The summit is still a bit away at 8,848 meters (29,029 ft). Scott is using his SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker to check in. You can follow his progress all the way to the summit by checking his personal tracking page . Select "terrain" to see how close he is getting to the summit of Mt. Everest.[More]

Keith's note: Scott's summit window still focuses on a 7-8 pm 19 May / 5-6 am Local time 20 May summit. Scott is walking up to the jetstream. The rest of y'all need airplanes and rockets to do that. Dig it.

High Winds at Everest - But Scott Presses on for the Summit, Earlier post

"We all awoke this morning to some rather stiff winds here at Everest Base Camp. Add in a few avalanches overnight and it was a rough and tumble night for sleeping. While our tents (large and small) are well-secured, one still gets the regular impression that the wind is about to rip them free of their anchors. Up on the mountain, it is also windy, but things are expected to get better as the day progresses and all summit plans (including Scott's) continue as planned. Scott's summit window still focuses on a 7-8 pm 19 May / 5-6 am Local time 20 May summit."

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