Pad 39A Fondue Liberated!

Ground Crews Inspecting Flame Trench Damage, NASA

"During preliminary inspections of launch pad 39A following yesterday's Atlantis launch, 25 square feet of Fondue Fyre from the North side of the solid rocket booster flame deflector was found to be liberated. The liberated Fondue Fyre appears to be next to a section of the of the solid rocket booster flame deflector that was repaired after STS-120. Some pneumatic lines (gaseous nitrogen, pressurized air) in the area were damaged and will need to be repaired. Preliminary indications are that there will not be an impact to Endeavour's June launch from pad 39A and this does not impact in any way our ability to launch Endeavour from Pad B should the need arise."

Related: Spray-on Layer to Protect Flame Trench

"Just as a swimming pool is coated with a protective layer before it is soaked, the flame trench will be sprayed with Fondue Fyre, a fire-resistant concrete, to shield it from fire and smoke."

"Fondu Fyre is a heat resistant concrete developed during the Apollo space program."

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