Star Trek On Orbit

NASA Astronaut to Watch New Star Trek Movie Among the Stars

"Moviegoers likely will sit in crowded theaters to watch the new "Star Trek" movie, which premiered on May 8, but not NASA astronaut Michael Barratt. He will have the opportunity to watch the film aboard the International Space Station, while he and two crewmates fly 220 miles above Earth. The only thing missing will be the popcorn. Paramount Pictures transferred "Star Trek" to NASA's Mission Control in Houston, which then uplinked the film to the space station on Thursday, May 14. Barratt plans to watch the film on a laptop computer inside the Unity module".

Keith's note: Scott is scheduled to call his friend Mike Barratt from the summit of Mt. Everest sometime around 7-8 pm EDT on 19 May/5-6 am Nepal time on 20 May. Ever wonder what sort of photos Scott will pose for while on the summit? Stay tuned.

Scott Parazynski Talks to the Crew of the International Space Station from Everest Base Camp
Singing Sherpas Serenade Space Station Crew Member

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