Tracking Debris Near Atlantis

Editor's note: From NASA mission control:

"The crew was notified of a very small piece of space debris that was identified within a range of interest of the space shuttle. The debris is from the Chinese Fengyun-1C weather satellite, which was destroyed by a Chinese missile test in 2007. The flight dynamics folks stated that the debris is approximately 10 cm in size, 2.8 km in front of Atlantis, .15 km below and 3.9 km out of plane. It is expected to make its closest approach at 7:28 p.m. EDT. It is being tracked, but remains in the yellow category, meaning a maneuver is unlikely. The crew was told that no action was necessary and that a maneuver was not expected."

Editor's Update: The Chinese space junk passed by the Shuttle without incident.

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