White House Release on Bolden and Garver Nominations Lacks Hoopla

Editor's note: So much for the "hoopla" surrounding the nominations of Charles Bolden and Lori Garver. While I understand President Obama wanted to make the announcement after the Shuttle landed but that the weather scrapped that idea, the way it actually came out was the typical bury it on a long weekend when an administration really doesn't consider it a high priority. This morning in my RSS feed I received from the White House Briefing Room the press release at 3:23 a.m. EDT which had a published stamp on it of 5:31 a.m. Saturday, May 23. And of course as everyone knows the release was released as a statement, the online copy didn't show until today.

As well the title of the press release was "President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts". No mention of NASA or Bolden. If you compare that to other releases from the White House it does provide an indication as to how important the release was. In fact I continue to question how committed the White House is towards NASA.

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