X-51 Waverider Set to Fly This Fall

Scramjet engine flight tests to start this fall, Dayton Daily News

"Officials hope the engine eventually will provide a speedier transition between conventional aircraft in the atmosphere and rockets in outer space for deployment of satellites, and reconnaissance or strike missions.

The long-range goal of this for the Air Force is access to space, said Charlie Brink, an Air Force Research Laboratory propulsion directorate official who manages the X-51 program from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base."

"Partners include NASA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Boeing Advanced Network and Space Systems, and Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne."

Editor's Update: Another story on the WaveRider by Discovery.

Hypersonic 'WaveRider' Poised for Test Flight, Discovery

"Hoping to bridge the gap between airplanes and rocketships, the U.S. military is preparing to test an experimental aircraft that can fly more than six times faster than the speed of sound on ordinary jet fuel."

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