A Passion For Space

A Passion For Space, Major Jack Fisher

"Several weeks ago, I saw my first space shuttle launch. STS-125 majestically rose to the heavens with crackling defiance, leaving behind a massive trail of fire and smoke - proof that man had once again slipped the surly bonds and bested Newton's hold. It was a re-awakening for me, and hearkened back to a young boy standing beneath the behemoth Saturn V, filled with post-Apollo euphoria and brimming with an unbridled passion for space. Thirty years later, space exploration is plagued with dated paradigms, abysmal acquisition performance, a growing list of hazards, and a history of administrations buying into the false economy of slashing NASA budgets - cutting the fuel line for the very engine that can drive our future."

Keith's note: this article was suggested to me by my old friend Gil Moore. It was given by Air ForceLt. Col. (Sel.)Jack Fischerpresented in April at the Aerospace Corporation-sponsored Space Power Workshop at Manhattan Beach, CA.

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