Finally: Common Sense Regarding Social Networks at NASA

NASA ARC Internal memo: Message from the Center Director: Social Networking at Ames

"At Ames, I believe it is appropriate for members of our workforce to responsibly use social networking sites, if they so desire, to share with people everywhere our excitement about what NASA does and stands for. By doing so, we are contributing to the dissemination of NASA's news and communicating the Agency's knowledge. We can remind the public about upcoming events and link to other interesting sites. We can communicate more effectively via mobile devices.

However, with any professional activity, some guidance is necessary. It is important to use these sites in an appropriate manner. My own experience with this process has been educational. Just as with e-mail there are times and topics one should avoid and you have an obligation to think about the information and your audience before you post. Please keep in mind all NASA employees are responsible for safeguarding sensitive information, so take care to exercise appropriate privacy options."

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