Doing Science In Space: Humans Vs Robots

Was 'one small step for man' worth it?, LA Times

[Bill Nye] "Nowadays, NASA does more robotic space science exploring stars and planets in a single afternoon than the moon-seeking astronauts did in 12 years."

Steve Squyres: Robot Guy Says Humans Should Go To Mars,

[Steve Squyres] "What Spirit and Opportunity have done in 5 1/2 years on Mars, you and I could have done in a good week. Humans have a way to deal with surprises, to improvise, to change their plans on the spot. All you've got to do is look at the latest Hubble mission to see that."

Keith's note: Let's see: Steve Squyres has extensive hands-on experience with actual science missions on Mars (and elsewhere) while Bill Nye does science shows on TV for kids. As such, I'd really like to see Bill Nye provide some numbers to back up his claim.

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