Fox News: NASA Grounds Shuttles

Keith's note: Fox News is reporting that NASA is "grounding" the Shuttle fleet until it finds out what caused the foam shedding on the launch of STS-127.

Shuttle Flights On Hold Due to New Foam Loss Problem, FreeSpace, Discovery

"About the last thing NASA needs right now is a new problem to solve, but thats exactly what landed on its plate following Wednesdays launch of Endeavour on a space station construction mission. Its a new twist on an old nemesis -- the insulating foam on the shuttle fuel tank. NASA redesigned the tanks after losing shuttle Columbia and its seven-member crew in 2003 due to a heat shield breach triggered by a piece of foam debris that fell off the fuel tank and hit the ships wing during launch."

Keith's update: I posted a note about Fox's incorrect story such that everyone could see it and then I posted a story that is correct i.e that flights are "on hold". Yet so many of you go into attack mode i.e. suggesting that I somehow agree with Fox's story. Read a little more carefully folks.

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