Is GSFC PAO Playing Favorites?

Keith's note: MSNBC's Alan Boyle has posted some images and videos with "NASA/GSFC" credit here claiming that they have been 'released" by NASA. Indeed, he writes: "Samples of the restored video - including Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong's climb down the lunar module's ladder, his "one small step" onto the lunar surface and the raising of the American flag - were released today at the Newseum in Washington to commemorate the 1969 moon mission."

"Were released today"? How? The press conference is scheduled for 11 am EDT - that's 2 1/2 hours from now. This event has not even happened yet. Did MSNBC get these images and video under embargo from GSFC PAO? I cannot find any mention at If GSFC has played favorites, why haven't the rest of the media been given access to these images and video?

Keith's update: According to @NASAGoddard RE: @NASAWatch "Is GSFC PAO Playing Favorites?" No, the embargo lifted on the videos at 7am, several reporters were given access to videos.

Huh? When/where were the media told that the embargo was lifted and that the images and video would be on NASA TV? Where's your media advisory? How did you decide which media to release this information to? You are most certainly playing favorites. Either that or GSFC is just incompetent. Take your pick. According to NASA HQ PAO nothing NASA does is supposed to be released under embargo - so do you just set your own procedures?

OK, so where are the video and images on

Keith's update: Amateur hour continues at GSFC PAO. GSFC PAO has yet to bother issuing a media advisory or press release. Nor do they respond to media inquires by email or phone. But their Twitter did (finally) post the link where you can view the video. What a botched way of releasing something to the public - and the media. The GSFC PAO folks really need some remedial training in Press Ops 101.

RT @NASA See NASA's restored Apollo 11 video in HD It will air on NASA TV at noon ET/4 pm GMT at

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