Mike and Becky Are Certainly Keeping Themselves in the News

Griffin says fear of risk hurting space program, Huntsville Times

"When Dr. Michael Griffin decided to move here after leaving the job of NASA administrator early this year, many believed Huntsville had landed, in the current phrase, a game changer. That's what state and local leaders and national observers said about Griffin's decision to spurn nine other job offers to become an eminent scholar at the University of Alabama in Huntsville beginning this fall."

Keith's note: Some enterprising reporter might ask Dr. Griffin about the ~ $800K/year offer Georgia Tech made him last Fall and why he turned it (and perhaps others) down. According to sources it would seem that he was clinging to the hope that he'd keep his job. Curiously, Mike Griffin now seems to think that his tenure at NASA should somehow be exempt from the same scrutiny as has been applied (often by him) to that of his predecessors.

Oh well. Mike and Becky now need to accept the fact that they are now just average-sized fish in a very, very little pond. And when they do set up these self-serving "interviews" with the media they need to be ready for the public responses that will follow.

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