Missing The Point

Missing The Mark, Editorial, Marcia Smith, SpacePolicyOnline.com

"Even the redoubtable Keith Cowing on NASAWatch is waxing philosophically about NASA as the new team takes the helm. A long time observer and often critic of the agency, his NASAs Second Chance post today is well worth reading whether or not you agree with his premise that Ares is the root of the problem. But these commentaries all seem to miss the mark. They are commentaries on NASA. What can NASA do? What should NASA do? Why cant NASA be better than it is? How will Charlie and Lori fix NASA? NASA is the wrong target."

Keith's note: I am flattered by Marcia's comments - but I am not certain where I said that Ares was the root of the problem. Rather, I feel that it is just the most recent example of things gone awry at NASA - the sort of thing you don't want to allow to linger when trying to get the agency back on course. I do heartily agree with Marcia, however, that, in the end, it is up to the President himself. Either his rhetoric is just that - or it is how he is setting the stage for what he plans for NASA. And if the President does want NASA to do certain things, he needs to provide the resources i.e. adequate funding so as to allow them to do so. But if NASA cannot facilitate that process whereby it gets its own house in order so as to be worthy of the President's attention, then the agency has no one to blame but itself.

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