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Keith's note: In June I visited and was astonished to see no mention of NASA. I went back to today and searched for the following items from NASA in the Raw Data Catalog in XML, CSV/Text, KML/KMZ, Shapefile, and other formats, "Moon, Mars, Earth, Space, sun, universe" and got "No matching records found. Please try your search again or suggest a dataset." I then did a search in the Tool Catalog and only got two hits - for "earth". Under Geodata Catalog I got a lot of stuff in response to a search for "sun" - MODIS, UARS, and AIRS/AQUA datasets. But nothing in response to my other search terms.

Since my first post NASA has now been included in the options for search and some data is in there. But for an agency that prides itself on its scientific prowess - one that now results in terabytes of data streaming back to Earth from dozens of active spacecraft, adding to the massive amount that has been collected in the past 50 years, the comparative near absence of NASA data in this new government service is a little baffling. But they are working at it. Stay tuned.

NASA is Missing From, earlier post

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