NASA ARC/USAF ORS Collaboration

NASA ARC Solicitation: Rapid Response Space Works - Formerly Known as Chile Works

"NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) is partnering with the Operationally Responsive Space Office (ORS) located at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico to establish the Rapid Response Space Works (formerly known as "Chile Works"). NASA ARC will serve as lead executing agent with overall contracting, programmatic and systems engineering responsibilities. ... The Rapid Response Space Works (RRSW) and Space Vehicle procurement has two primary objectives. The first objective is to standup initial operations of the RRSW. This objective creates the ability for the ORS Office to meet its "Deploy" mission capability of rapidly deploying capabilities to the warfighter within days to weeks. The second objective is to procure, outside of the RRSW, modular multi-mission space vehicles and/or buses and payloads for the RRSW."

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