NASA SMD Briefing Charts Outline How Hungry MSL Has Become

NASA Briefing Charts: Mars Exploration Program Status Planetary Sciences Subcommittee of NAC

"Expect a requirement for additional resources to restore reserves to adequate levels ($15-115M), predicted by several different cost models - Amount to be determined this calendar year after more progress has made on technical issues" ... "Impacts must be contained in Planetary Division - The Mars Program will repay non-Mars "loans".

"Impacts increase to cover mid- to upper-range budget needs, in order: Further reduce US portion of Mars-16/18/20 missions; Delay LADEE and ILN missions; Delay New Frontiers 3 phase B selection"

Planetary Science Decadal Survey Steering Committee Summary, SpacePolicyOnline

"OMB's Amy Kaminski and OSTP's Damon Wells strongly advised the committee to keep its recommended program within the bounds of the FY2010 budget now under consideration by Congress and its "outyear" projections. They stressed they were not trying to forecast the future, but in light of country's economic situation, they view budget increases for NASA as unlikely. Their message was in contrast to what the committee heard from NASA's Jim Green the previous day. Dr. Green urged the committee to wait for the FY2011 budget that will be released next February, which he believes will better reflect Obama Administration priorities."

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