Not Everyone Is Super Space Happy Today

Let's Not Bother With Space, Gawker

"On this, the 40th Anniversary of the day Mankind conquered the moon, it is time to issue another clarion call for this generation: fuck Mars, let's focus our attention here, for now. What the hell do we have to show for manned space exploration besides neat pictures and a brief feeling of patriotic goodwill in the middle of Vietnam? Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are demanding that Obama send men to Mars, ASAP, because... why? Because they had a blast on the moon and wouldn't want future generations to miss out on space-golf?"

Keith's note: has a new take on motivational posters - with an Apollo theme.

Whoopi Goldberg Entertains Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories, Real Clear Politics

"Whoopi Goldberg questioned the original moon landing on today's edition of "The View." Goldberg, a co-host, wondered who shot the footage and why the flag was "rippling" if there was no wind."

Keith's note: Watch the video. Is she kidding or just clueless?

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