Sen. Shelby Gets His Way (Update)

Keith's note: Sen. Shelby and his staff have certainly been busy. They don't like the way that the Obama Administration and NASA have been looking at using stimulus money for commercialization. So, how did he act on this? He threatened to put amendments into legislation that would punish various field centers at NASA (other than MSFC of course) that have been involved in commercialization by stripping them of facilities or programs so as to send a message. Shelby has also talked of putting a hold on the nomination of Bolden and Garver if he did not get his way. Apparently, he has gotten his way and The White House/NASA have compromised on how that stimulus money will be spent - to Shelby's satisfaction. Stay tuned - imagine what Shelby will do if/when the Augustine Commission comes back with suggestions that Ares 1 be cancelled.

Diversion of $100 million to Alabama's Ares program could impact Cape Canaveral workforce, Orlando Sentinel

"For months, a powerful Republican senator from Alabama has fought the Obama administration to block $150 million that the White House wanted to spend to help private companies build rockets capable of reaching the international space station. Now, it appears that U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby has won, in a decision that could have a major impact on the Cape Canaveral work force and America's continued access to space. According to administration and industry sources, Shelby insisted that $100 million of the money -- part of $1 billion set aside for NASA under this spring's economic-stimulus bill -- be diverted to Constellation, the troubled rocket program meant to replace the space shuttle after its 2010 retirement."

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