Supporting NASA: Two Views

Column: Maybe it's time to rethink our spending on NASA and space exploration, opinion, Kalamazoo Gazette

"This year, NASA is costing each American household about $150. If that was put on a ballot, I wonder, would it pass? Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe the agency that helped invent Tang and Teflon really is more critical or more popular than I imagine. Or maybe it's time to regroup and rethink. Lots of people are wringing their hands these days about wasteful government spending. Should we be turning that attention to NASA?"

America needs the right stuff, The Leader

"President Barack Obama has vowed to continue the "inspirational mission" that the Apollo 11 crew started four decades ago. But that commitment is going to need more than just financing. The public needs to fall in love with space again. We need to play out the dramas of shuttle launches, waiting with bated breath to make sure our men and women come back safely. We need to carry on the torch that the rock-star astronauts of the past handed on to the lesser-known explorers of today. We need to care about the pursuit to change the question marks of the universe into definitive exclamation points. We need to believe that our living rooms are not the final frontier."

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