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@NASA The shuttle's weather brief scheduled for 9:30a has been delayed to 10a. No issues are expected. Fueling commentary now ~10:30a.

@bnjacobs The storm that produced lightning at the shuttle launch pad. Photo courtesy of Bill Ingalls!

@brianshiro Brian is enjoying the expedition but missing Henry and Holli

@milesobrien Beautiful morning in Cocoa Beach. Wish they could launch now. But 7:39pmET/2339UTC is when ISS will be overhead. Only a 5 min window.
about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry

@HMP Beautiful sunny warm day today. Time to bring our analogue mission-class exploration support systems to full power!

@jeff_foust "Earth to U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby: The conquest of space wont be won by odious pork-barrel politics."

@ESAHerschel As the images and spectra released yesterday were "trials" with uncalibrated instruments we will expect far better and deeper images later.

@NASA_Ames[News] Author Andrew Chaikin speaks at NASA Ames: Award-winning science journalist and space historian And..

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