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@milesobrien Weather 40% "no-go" for Shuttle launch. Seems like a sure thing at this point! Our webcast begins 2:30pET/1830UTC

@alain_csa New battery bank installed on Devon Island greenhouse by the greenhouse team!,

@milesobrien I am testifying before Congress tomorrow. Subject is "enhancing the relevance of space..." Would love your thoughts.

@bnjacobs Send your name to Mars! Looks like most of the names submitted so far are from California. C'mon! #NASA

@KSC_MOCOP Probability of KSC weather prohibiting launch still 40%. Main concern is showers and thunderstorms within 20NM of SLF.

@alain_csa @HMP, the greenhouse team conducted a greenhouse survey, analysed the spring growth system and organized cargo.

@SPOTScott Working hard @ the gym to regain some of the 25lbs lost on Everest; should I write "The Everest Diet"? Definitely Oprah Book Club material!

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