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RichardGarriott So... the ISS toilet is having issues... Well, hey, I am fully trained in taking it apart and rebuilding it... I'll volunteer to go fix it!

astroengine Now for a proper tune [Agnelli & Nelson - Holding Onto Nothing]

Regolith_Chal Moonfest exceeded all expectations! @NLSI Stopped the traffic (literally). Booth was mobbed all day. Amazing demand for Lunar Exploration.

Bob_Richards 10,000 people descended on NASA Ames today for public "MoonFest", people definitely want to be part of space exploration.

worden Great MoonFest today at NASA Ames - 10K people - many kids. They are our future - their faces tell me - we WILL settle the solar system!

NASA_HSF Please comment on the document "Exploration Beyond Low Earth Orbit"

HMP HMP Research Station Status Report

spaceed Testimony of Miles O'Brien: Hearing on Enhancing the Relevance of Space to Address National Needs

jeff_foust Unimpressed with most of the NewSpace 2009 biz plan presentations. Poor research, unrealistic financials in many cases.

KeithCowing #JohnGlennLecture Mike Collins is afraid that going to the Moon will leave us in a "technological briar patch" and not going on to Mars.

KeithCowing @therealBuzz "Yes we can. YES WE CAN" speaking at #JohnGlennLecture at the National Air and Space Museum

brianshiro I'm back from a long 3-hour EVA in the rain, but we accomplished a lot.

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