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NASA_HSF Don't forget, you can join us live tomorrow on NASA TV #nasahsf

brianshiro FMARS is in great shape now. If only it had been this way when we got here! Oh well, the FMARS-13 crew should hit the ground running.

absolutspacegrl Um. Hello? RT @spacecommerce: NASA JSC Solicitation: Open Innovation Support Services

astroengine Are these the droids we're looking for? RT @KeithCowing: Russian Space Cargo Droid Leaves Earth For the Space Station

LCROSS_NASA Where am I now? Cruisin' at 1.09km/s(2432mph). 384,500km from Earth.715,500km from Moon. Odometer: 2,966,600km since launch. Mission Day 39.

RyInSpace I just received my NASA Astronaut Candidate Program "Dear John" letter from Duane Ross. It's nice to have official closure on this 1st try.

nasahqphoto See the entire "NASA Update" set of images at:

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Humans to Mars Summit 2019
Military Space Situational Awareness April 1 - April 2, 2019, London, UK
MilSatCom USA conference will return to Washington from the 26th – 27th June 2019
Space Access Conference 2019
Mission To Methonē by Les Johnson - Baen Books

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