Today's Videos: VASIMR Full Throttle

Video: Ad Astra VASIMR Full-Power, Full-Field Firing

"This image shows our achievement of full-power full-field for the 1st stage of VASIMR. In addition, here are some recent video posts documenting this achievement with our new superconducting magnet. The maximum magnetic field within the core of VASIMR is around 2 Tesla, about the same as most MRI machines."

Nonreimbursable Space Act Agreement Between Ad Astra Rocket Company and NASA, signed 5 Dec 2008.

"This Agreement becomes effective upon the date of the last signature below and shall remain in effect for a period of four (4) years from the date of the last signature."

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Ad Astra Rocket Company and NASA sign second collaborative agreement relating to the VASIMR engine

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