Using Twitter - Not Just Talking About it.

NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez Starts Agency's First Bilingual Twitter

"NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez, set to fly aboard space shuttle Discovery in August, is providing insights about his training on Twitter in both English and Spanish. It will be the agency's first bilingual Twitter."

Keith's 6 July note: Its one thing to talk about use of Twitter and other social media. Its quite another to embrace and adopt these tools as part of doing business. I just got a copy of this 2 July press release from JSC today - 7 July (it was sent by their listserv yesterday and took a day to get to me). Curiously, the release is about using Twitter - yet JSC still has not mentioned it on their own Twitter yet the news media has already responded to this news on 2 July (AP) via the press release issued by NASA HQ last week. In contrast to JSC's Twitter, NASA's main Twitter got the news out about @Astro_Jose within minutes of the press release going out.

JSC's Social Media Working Group has a Twitter feed @JSC_SMWG . Alas, they only let a small few inside NASA follow it. I sent a request to follow @JSC_SMWG several days ago - no response - or access - yet.

Keith's 7 July note: Well, JSC has yet to update its Twitter feed regarding @Astro_Jose. Why use an instantaneous mode of updating people in an instantaneous fashion, eh? And my request to follow @JSC_SMWG has been ignored by JSC so I filed a FOIA request asking for all of its contents (Tweets).

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