Wallops Vs The Cape

Wallops Island facility to be 'Cape Canaveral of North', Baltimore Sun

"A flourishing space complex on the Maryland-Virginia coast remains a shaky prospect in a time of economic recession, tight budgets and uncertainty about the next stage of America's human space flight program. But events over the past year, which have drawn little attention outside the space industry and the local community, have nudged the future closer. Already, the Wallops facility, about 10 miles south of the Maryland-Virginia line and less than a three-hour drive from Baltimore, is stealing business and jobs from Cape Canaveral. Supply missions to the space station are in the works. A first-ever moon shot, yet to be publicly announced, is planned for less than three years from now. ... Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat whose patronage has been crucial to the spaceport's development, said the project will generate hundreds of jobs in an area that has suffered from the collapse of housing markets in Ocean City and other nearby towns."

Keith's note: I can't imagine that Bill Nelson is going to like this developing competition for KSC's launch business - government or commercial. I wonder who'd win in an all out food fight over this topic: Barbara Mikulski or Bill Nelson? My money is on Babs.

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