What do you remember about Apollo 11?

A Month of Moon Events at the Smithsonian, Washington Post

NASA, moon at Hands on Children's Museum, The Olympian

Apollo 11 One Small Step, NASA

Voices: Recalling July 20, 1969, NY Times

Keith's note: What do you remember about Apollo 11? I was 14 years old and was standing right here at Boy Scout camp (the Deer Lake Scout Reservation in Connecticut) when the mission was launched. All of the car horns, bugles, and fire sirens seemed to go off at the same time in celebration. I could not wait to get home to see the actual landing. I was so absorbed in what was unfolding that I sewed the wrong soles on the Boy Scout moccasins I was making. My parents actually made mention of "Buck Rogers".

I had grown up in the 60's being told that we'd land on the moon "by the end of the decade". And we did. I had one data point - and it was in the affirmative. We were also told that we'd be on Mars by 1981. I believed that too - for a while. Well, 40 years later and we haven't seen humans on the Moon for more than a generation much less anyone walking on Mars. Many think the Apollo lunar missions were all just a hoax and logic won't sway them.

Now we are trying to go back, but today it seems to be hard to do what we once did so swiftly. Curiously, as our enthusiasm for such things seems to be on the decline, other nations such as India and China are utilizing their scarce resources to go there. What have they discovered that we once knew - and have now lost?


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