What's That Looming Over Ares 1-X?

Keith's note: Recently, the gang at Ares 1-X decided to do something to occupy themselves while they wait around for Ares 1-X to launch. They recently decided to kick the can down the road and wait until the Augustine Committee revealed their view with regard to the fate of Ares 1-X and her future siblings. So, the Ares folks came up with yet another movie-inspired poster to herald the impending, albeit constantly slipping, launch on Halloween (see Ares Adopts "Thriller" Theme For Latest Launch Poster). Well ... another version of that poster has emerged. Instead of an autumn moon rising calmly in the background, a much more ominous figure can be seen looming in the sky, gazing down upon Ares 1-X - with bats swirling before his eyes. The Great Pumpkin, you ask? No. Something much more dreadful for Steve Cook to ponder ... larger image below.

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