Augustine Committee Update

NASA Narrows Options for Post-Shuttle Future, NY Times

"Where to in space? A blue-ribbon panel charged by the Obama administration to review the United States' human spaceflight program has narrowed the options to seven. In three meetings last week, subcommittees of the panel presented possibilities for space flight after NASA retires its space shuttles, coming up with 864 permutations, said Edward F. Crawley, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a panel member."

Committee debates options for space program's future, SpaceflightNow

"The committee deliberating America's future in human spaceflight is beginning to narrow down an expansive list of alternatives to be presented to the White House at the end of this month. The panel discussed a preliminary list of seven paths for the space program, which included conservative, affordable scenarios and ambitious options that would put astronauts on Mars."

Augustine Commission considering options that delay -- or abandon -- NASA moon landing, Orlando Sentinel

"The presidential panel looking at NASA's human space program spent Wednesday narrowing nearly 900 exploration options into seven scenarios that will be refined for presentation to President Barack Obama later this month. They range from budget-busting plans to fly straight to Mars to more-affordable plans to just orbit the moon and nearby asteroids. Some would extend the life of the space shuttle, now due for retirement in 2010, and the international space station, now slated to close in 2015. There was no mention in any options of returning astronauts to the moon by 2020, which is NASA's current goal."

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