Bolden Update

NASA Internal Memo: Message From the Administrator - Aug. 26, 2009 Update

"As has been our practice since assuming our duties as NASA administrator and deputy administrator, Lori and I are going to attempt to keep you informed and up to date on issues affecting all of us in the NASA family as best we can. ... Lori and I have now completed visits to seven of our ten centers and will complete the cycle at the end of this week with visits to JPL and Dryden on Thursday and Ames on Friday. A number of messages have come to us loud and clear in our visits to date."

Keith's note: Curiously, while many other NASA programs and projects are specifically mentioned in this update, Constellation, Ares, Orion, etc., are not. Given all of the things that are mentioned in the update, and the sheer size of Constellation (and the emphasis given it by NASA in previous years) this is rather curious. Add in the continuing reports that are being received with regard to what Bolden said about Ares during his MAF/Stennis trip, and a trend seems to be developing. Stay tuned.

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