NASA Goes to Landlord School

NASA Solicitation: Corporate Executive Board - Real Estate Executive Board

"NASA/HQ plans to issue a purchase order for a 1-year membership to participate on the Real Estate Executive Board (REEB), a program of the Corporate Executive Board. The membership in Corporate Executive Board provides full access rights to a wide range of government and senior business leaders to understand the business drivers relating to real property portfolio management. The unique cross-functional perspective allows members to lend a strategic perspective to real estate research that reflects enterprise-wide concerns. The REEB research methodology focuses on the case study approach, providing insights into proven practices from real estate leaders and highlighting actual results, key economic rationales, and business imperatives. Members obtain the latest insights to pressing issues and business challenges across the industry. Membership provides access to the REEB databases, which is a collection of industry metrics relating to real property portfolio management."

Keith's note: Is NASA thinking of running its field centers like commercial real estate properties? Fascinating.

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